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Do you Travel?

Sure do. I love to explore far and wide. We have incredible locations that make beautiful backdrops on the Sunshine Coast but equally I love to photograph new locations.

If I am travelling outside of the Sunshine Coast (Beerwah to Noosa) my fee is 80c per KM outside of this area.

Processing Time?

There are peak times throughout a year where my workload is increased. I personally work on processing your photographs with love and care. Please know I won't do a rushed job. I give you my absolute best which you totally deserve.

All times are give and take a little.

Portraits - Approximately 14 days
Weddings - Approximately 4 weeks

What do we wear?

100% the most common question asked. There are a few things that will influence what to wear for your session. My number one recommendation is to compliment each other without being too 90's match matchy.

If you like light and bright think soft pastels and whites. If you're after dark and moody, maroons and navy are another nice combination. Lay your outfits out on the bed together or put them on at home to get a good idea of how they will gel.

Newborn lifestyle sessions I high recommend going white / soft pastels for the soft calming feel it provides for this time in your life.

Formal or informal? This is completely a personal preference. There's no right or wrong but we are capturing a moment in your lives that you, your children and your children's children will one day look back on so try to keep this in mind, although I get the thought of that is a little hard to comprehend.

Try to avoid fluro / super bright colours, bold logos and busy patterns. These can be distracting and take away from the raw human emotions we are capturing.

Lead up to your session

In the lead up to our session let your kids know about our up and coming portraits. Tell them they get to put on a special outfit. Let them know they are going to meet a lady named 'Candi' who is really fun. We're going to play some games and Candi will take special photographs at the same time.

With older kids who may not be so keen to be photographed try to include them in the lead up as much as possible. Try involving them in selecting the location for your session and let them have a choice in what to wear or help you if you are buying something new for them can create a bit more interest in the process.

With smaller humans before our session naps are awesome but I know with my own daughter getting her to nap on the day I really need her to she often chooses not too. Don't stress if this happens on the day. We play so much they often forget they are tired and hopefully they'll have a good sleep that night.

Bribery is always an option. Depending on the age of your children it can be a simple as a treat you bring along to give during the shoot or as they get older a reward for being extra good during the session.

Lastly try not to have a really busy day before our session. If you can have a relaxing day, looking forward to a fun little afternoon it can make a world of difference.

What time will our session be?

Lighting is EVERYTHING.


When shooting outdoors I highly recommend shooting the hour leading into sunset for that magical golden light! In summer this can be quite late but your photo's will look FAB. This is also when we sneak away at a wedding for some beautiful portraits.

If the weather for our outdoor session is forecast to be super cloudy (looks beautiful don't stress) we may bring our shoot time forward by 30 mins or so to get the most out of the available natural light.

January - 6:45pm
February - 6:30pm
March - 6pm
April - 5:30pm
May - 5:15pm
June - 5:00pm
July - 5:15pm
August - 5:30pm
September - 5:45pm
October - 6pm
November - 6:15pm
December - 6:30pm

Have little ones that turn into munchkins around 5pm. I'm a Mumma to a 1 and a half year old so I get it. We can bring your shoot start time forward that's no problem.

Just be aware we won't be shooting in the golden hour of light and we will need to manoeuvre around the bright sun so you are not squinting or have harsh shadows on your faces. I usually recommend selecting a location with ample shade we can also utilise.

For an AM session the earlier in the morning the better and a PM session the later in the afternoon the better.


For indoor sessions I recommend shooting in the morning. Morning light is soft and pretty, perfect for indoor portraits.