I'm honoured each time I am asked to be there beside you capturing all the laughs, excitement, tears of joy and all the action in between. I'm also here for you every step of the way through the planning of your wedding journey.


Consider me your extra wing woman. Whatever you need, (not even photography related), just holla. This also goes for the wedding day. I stitch dresses, have backup hair spray, pick up snacks, put on button holes, deliver flowers, pick up forgotten wedding rings and have even done a CBD bottleo run late into the evening. I'm here to make your day AWESOME!

There's no doubt I'll also be shedding a tear with you behind the lens, as cheesy as it may sound emotions on a wedding day can be so overwhelming my heart just explodes with you. 

HOT TIP - When planning your wedding YOU DO YOU.


Weddings can be as formal or as informal as you like these days. Create a great party that expresses you guys. Buy a dress that you feel incredible in, a dappa suit or pants and shirt that's totally you, invite your fav people to come celebrate how great you guys are and be sure to not let the small things get to you. You may never have all these people that mean the world to you both in the one place ever again! 


Wedding days are over in a heartbeat so embrace each moment, try to take it all in and make sure you have one of the best days of your lives!


On your special day there will be moments when I'm floating behind the scenes documenting how it's unfolding, other times I'm a tad more hands on, like organising the old family photo's. I'll make friends with your family and friends so even the most camera shy will be throwing smiles my way.


We'll also sneak away from the crowd for some time with your bridal party...


and for some more intimate moments as newly weds.

I think it's super nice to get to know each other before your big day of celebrations and all my wedding couples receive a pre-wedding portrait session to ease those 'in front of the camera nerves'. Trust me I get them too. It's so normal to feel awkward! I don't think many people would find it easy to be photographed so intimately. 

Another HOT TIP - Just laugh your way through and we will create magic together. Laughter creates the most beautiful images.


It's a super chilled session. We'll chat all things wedding and life plus have fun creating photos together for you to keep from this exciting time of your lives! After 5 minutes of hanging with me you'll be so relaxed and laughing at my ridiculousness you'll almost forget I'm taking your photographs. All the gents say afterwards 'That wasn't actually bad. Almost a little fun'.


Make a hot date out of this special afternoon.  You can even schedule your hair and makeup trial (if you're having one) for the session so you can see how it photographs, then make a reservation your fav restaurant. Why not this is such an awesome time in your life to celebrate!


When I say goodbye at the end of your fab wedding day be prepared for a great big hug (or covid safe farewell), you'll be making a friend not just hiring someone to take pretty photo's on your big day.

P.S I LOVE D-FLOOR TIME. It really is the time to shine.


Client Love


" Candi has followed our journey from marraige to parenthood and we would not want anyone else to photograph these significant times in our lives.


She is kind and patient, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where she captures beautiful candid moments. She always goes above and beyond and we truly have nothing but the highest praise and appreciation for her!


We have and will continue to recommend Candi to anyone looking for a talented photographer. "

Ashleigh + Nick - Victoria Park, Brisbane 


" Candi- I can’t describe your talent.


You truely were born to be a photographer. This amazing woman has been our family photographer for 4 years- recently capturing our engagement and wedding photos. I am beyond excited to see what magic comes back. "

Karah + Corey - Flaxton Gardens,

Sunshine Coast