I'm so excited each morning I get to wake up, grab my camera gear and head out the door to be such a special part of a couples wedding day. I'm blessed to be there beside you, capturing the laughs, tears of joy (I will tear up with you. My heart still explodes at every wedding) and the finer details that may pass you by without even noticing.


Hot tip when planning your wedding... Do what you want. Weddings can be as formal or as informal as you like these days. Wedding providers will give you a guide but always do YOU. Create a great party that expresses you two as a couple, buy a dress that you feel incredible in, a dappa suit or pants and shirt that's totally you, invite your fav people to come celebrate how great you guys are and be sure to not let the small things get to you. You may never have all these people that mean the world to you in the one place ever again! Wedding days are over in a heartbeat so embrace each moment, try to take it all in and make sure you have one of the best days of your lives!

I really enjoy getting to know my clients before their day arrives and I offer a portrait session pre-wedding to help calm those 'in the front of the camera' nerves. We'll chat all things wedding and life, plus create some cute photos from this awesome time in your lives.

On your big day there will be moments when I'm floating behind the scenes documenting the day and how it's unfolding, then other times where I'm a tad more hands on like organising the old family photo's. I also endeavour to take a little bit of time on your day together for some more intimate romantic moments as newly weds.


When I say goodbye at the end of your fab wedding day be prepared for a great big hug, you'll be making a friend not just hiring someone to take pretty photo's on your big day.

Enjoy my preview from a complete mix of different styles of weddings from the start of the day right through to those epic dance floor moves at the end of the night.