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I love LOVE

Who better then my husband to describe me in five words. Sunshine, reasonable, fun-loving, cheeky and altruistic (I then googled what the meaning of this one was).

I feel I'm very easy and relaxed to be around, although there are times capturing a wedding where I put my game face on so my couples don't have to stress about a thing. There is quite a lot more to a wedding photographer then creating pretty photos. We are the time keeper of the day, dress fixer, hair watcher, button hole putter oner, the light watcher, the organiser and PA to the bride and groom.


Yes, I actually enjoy being a little ridiculous to help my clients feel completely relaxed and comfortable in front of the lens. Laughter makes the best photo's. If your laughing in anyway, even at me, that's A OK from my side of the camera. On wedding days I will also endeavour to take a little bit of time on your day together for some more intimate romantic moments as husband and wife.


- A complete uninterrupted getaway with my 3 loves, Storm, Tilly and Macy

- Picnics complete with champagne, cheese, butter and a baguette

- The 't' in my surname de Smeth is silent. It's a dutch thing

- Exploring the world. Travel & nature are good for the soul

- Photographing people. Their story, their emotions, the diversity. It's where my heart lies

- Being a Coasty. The simplest of luxuries we have at our feet here the Sunshine Coast

- Good quality Ice Cream. Gelati, Haagen Daz, Ben and Jerry's 

- I like nice food. Nothing in particular. Just food that tastes good

- Winter fashion. How good is a comfy pair of boots, a nice warm scarf and a cool hat or beanie?

- Gin or champagne are my beverages of choice depending on occasion

- France is my happy place. I day dream of adventures, road trips, the history, cuisine and can not wait till we are back again (side note I tried to learn French as it's so beautiful but it was much tougher then anticipated)

- Dogs are the best!




Oh and yes my name is just Candi on my birth certificate. But I do get called Candice, Andy or Sandy and I just go with it.




This is me

© 2020 Candi de Smeth

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